We Are Changing the Conversation

Addiction to alcohol and other drugs is a health and human rights crisis, impacting 45 million Americans. Yet addiction is the only major health issue for which no well-funded, consumer-driven national organization exists to help those who are, were, or someday might be suffering.

On October 4, 2015, over 700 organizations joined together to end the silence around addiction and launch a national movement to UNITE to Face Addiction.

Click here to learn more about Facing Addiction's strategy and plan moving into 2016. With a deep personal connection to the cause by our entire leadership, and business focused board of directors - we are committed to operating an extremely efficient non-profit organization. In 2016, the organizational overhead is projected to be 11.3% of our total budget, leaving close to 90% of all funding for research and programs. For 2017, we project our overhead to be reduced to 8.5% of our total budget.

It's time to begin Facing Addiction and saving lives - together!

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